Terminator II, Jurassic Park, The Game of Thrones and The Dark Knight are all very successful movies or TV series, that are pretty much household names around the world now. They have produced billions in box office and merchandise sales, and have successful brands created around them. So because of their massive international exposure and success, it was thought a good idea to create some slot games around these brands, and ride off the back of their original and ongoing popularity.

When you have a casino game creator as innovative as Microgaming are, then you know that they would be able to build up very good quality games around these movies and TV series. And this is exactly what they did. They have taken all of the main characters from these movies and TV series and made them prominent throughout the games. So as you play you will see the characters pop up on your reels, and some will be used during the bonus rounds too.

Microgaming were very clever in the way that they used popular aspects of these movies and TV series and turned them into exciting bonus rounds for the games. So when you activate a bonus feature, you can expect to see some of the famous moments you have experienced with them before being reproduced in the game. This just adds to the excitement and entertainment factor for the games and really provides a new experience for an online slot game.

Movies that have been reproduced as online slot games

There have been quite a few very successful and popular movies and TV series brands that have been reproduced as online slot games. Here are some of the most popular ones listed here, and you can play all of these games at casinos such as Luxury Casino and Casino Classic.

  • The Game of Thrones
  • Jurassic Park
  • Terminator II
  • Hellboy
  • Playboy
  • Tomb Raider
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • The Dark Knight Rises

These are just some of the popular brands that you will now find as online slot games. There are more, and there will very likely be a lot more created around other famous movie brands in the near future too. They have certainly taken online slot games to a new level, and there will likely be many other games that try to recreate the success that these have already had.

Not only do these games offer a lot of fun and entertainment as you play, but they also provide a lot of winning opportunities for the players too. The fun of these games really begins when the bonus rounds are activated, and they are programmed to do this quite often. This is to both keep the player entertained, and also keep their credits topped up so they will continue to play.

These games have been designed to allow players of all levels to play them. Most of them have multiple denominations options available, starting as low as 0.01, and going up very high so if some bigger high-roller players want to bet a lot more they can. It is very easy to program them so you can play at a level that is ideal for you.

The top award jackpots for most of these games are also very high. You can expect to win anywhere up to 100,000 if you do hit the highest awards, so plenty to play for there. But it is not just the big jackpots that you can profit from. The regular activation of the bonus features will see you accumulate quite a large amount of credits as you play as well.

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