Movies such as Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, Tomb Raider, and Batman are known throughout the world, and are pretty much household names in the Western world. But all of these movie brands, as well as the incredibly popular Game of Thrones TV series have now been turned into slot games for online casinos.

Just the big brand names will catch the eye of any online slot players, but it has been the quality of the games that has really made them a success in the online casino world. They are not gimmicky games at all, in fact they are very impressive in as far as the high quality graphics and audios that they use, which really brings them all back to life as the user plays them.

All of these blockbuster slot games have decent sized top awards, and a massive range of bonus features available. So this makes them a very attractive option as far as potential financial gains goes. But they are also extremely entertaining too, so the players get a lot of enjoyment as they go through the various stages and features of each game.

There was a phase when these games were being produced around a year or two ago. The last few months has not seen many new blockbuster games, with the exclusion of the new Bridesmaids game. But all of these games continue to be a massive pull for the casinos as their popularity remains strong. This will likely remain the case for a good while yet, and we will definitely be seeing more blockbuster games coming out in the future too.

There are always big movies that come out each year, so there will definitely be some that will want to branch out into the massive audience that the online casinos provide to further improve their brand. The reach that online casinos have around the world now is an attractive proposition for many of the movie brands, so it is a good partnership when they link up with the online casinos.

If you want to play any of these blockbuster slot games, then you need to join one of the bigger online casinos that uses Microgaming games. Casinos such as Zodiac Casino, Casino Action and Captain Cooks Casino all use Microgaming and have all of these games available for their players. They will also add any new blockbuster games into their virtual slot floors as soon as they are released.

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