The Latest Trend in Online Slot Games

The progressive of online slot games has been rapid, and we have seen a massive transition from early 3 reel slots to the latest video slot games. Video slot games are certainly the future, or at least the near future of online gaming, and innovative game creators such as Microgaming have really raised the bar and created some incredible games over the last couple of years.

The big trend over the last year or two has been to replicate the success of popular movies and TV series, such as The Game of Thrones and Hellboy to name just two. These games will include all of the same characters that you see in the movies and will base the bonus features around the exciting elements of the movies too.

The focus with these games is a lot more about entertainment now than they ever used to be, so you will find players wanting to stay and play the same game for hours on end. Most of them are designed with lower denomination options so you do not have to spend a lot of money in order to stay and play, and most of them have very frequent bonus rounds that will also keep the players credits topped up so again they can enjoy their time playing without having to spend so much money.

Now we have seen a lot of these kind of games come out, and they continue to be extremely popular. The fact that players already know the characters included in the games, and the different aspects of the games that are also found in the movies too, gives them that instant connection. The games are piggy-backing off the success of the movies and TV series, and they have really found a niche here for a potentially long continuation for these type of slot games.

Can you win while playing these games?

The focus of these slot games has largely been put into the entertainment side of things, but the main factor of people actually wanting to win money while playing them has been at the top of the agenda while creating them. There are many different bonus rounds and features in most of these games, and they are activated frequently. This is where the games really come to life and all of the characters that you know so well from the movies are unleashed in their full glory.

A lot of the jackpots are very high on these video slots too, so there is a lot of incentive to play them. If you hit the top awards you can often expect to get high up into the 5-figure range, which is certainly a very decent amount to win. The games also pay out regularly so you will find that you are always getting smaller wins into your account so you can keep playing for longer.

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